Rasti Brothers

We are two brothers and have worked and studied together since 2004. And this is our story that how we fell in love with Video-Games industry.

During our childhood, we have attracted to video games when we saw the simplest game on TV-Game at our oldest cousin's home, which was tennis. Couple of year later our uncle invited us to play video games with a new brand game console which was ATARI. It made us crazy to play video games with its more graphical and various games.

Our father promised to buy an ATARI if we get high score in final exams. And this was how we got our first video-game console in 1990.

Later we found-out about Commodore 64 and Amiga 500, which Davood (the older brother - 1977 AC) heard about their programmability. But when we wanted to buy Commodore the salesman recommended us to buy a PC instead. Then we bought a PC which was 386-DX4-100 in 1994.

Since that time Davood started to learn Q-Basic when Alireza (the younger brother - 1981 AC) was learning MS-Dos to run the games on their PC to play.

"Wolfenstein", "Prince of Persia" were the first games that we played on PC, and then we got "The Lion King", "Aladdin" and "Fury of the Furries". After upgrading our PC we could play newer games and became familiar with different genres. Such as "Red Alert" and "Commandos" in strategic genre, "Hitman", "Tomb Rider", "Fifa 98", "NFS" and many other games that gave us good perception of video-game.

Since we got sufficient knowledge in web programming and web design, in 2004 we decided to lunch a small company and worked professionally in this field. After four years we found that most of the projects are same and there are no enough challenges or advancement in web developing. Therefore we decided to change our field and look for something with wider area.

So in 2008 we quitted our job and moved to Malaysia where we were admitted to the Multimedia University (Malaysia). During the past four years, we studied Software Engineering and Games Design major together at Multimedia University. The reason that we have chosen this major is preparing ourselves to entrance to the video game industry.

For our Final Year Project (FYP), we wanted to do something that is not in our courses and is new for us. Since we have been attracted to Computer Graphics in one hand and on the other hand, the concept of parallel computing on GPU that provides the ability of fast-calculation, we decided to research and implement a rendering algorithm on GPU. Therefore we proposed a project with the title of "A photorealistic renderer based on Photon Mapping & Progressive Photon Mapping" for our FYP.

In this project we have learned about Global Illumination algorithms, especially we have understood about Photon Mapping and Progressive Photon Mapping algorithms in details. Also we have got familiar with the concept of GPGPU and GPU programming. Alireza used C++AMP to implement our renderer on GPU and Davood used CUDA.

During our study, we have played many games individually or in group with our friends on different platforms, such as StarCraft, Dota2, Lord of the Rings (online), Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, AVA and Planet Side 2 that we have played as multiplayer games. Also some other games like Fallout (3 & New Vegas), Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Rage and lots of other games that we played individually. On the other hand we got knowledge and experience by playing games on mobile Facebook and

We have learned a lot from each one of the games that we have played. Most of the time we discussed about the games together or with our friends who are so interested in game industry. Now one of them is working at Rovio Entertainment and another one is studying in MSc Computer Game Engineering at Newcastle University.

Using these experiences in our game projects helped us to create best games among our other classmates' games and get highest mark for them.

Every year we have become more interested in game-industry after doing each game project. And now we want to work in this field in the rest of our life.

Our CVs

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