1. Overview

Fury In Love is the last project of Game Programming I subject. The main task of the assignment was developing a refurbished Flash game remake from Orisinal.

For this assignment, we have decided to create a game named "Fury In Love" which has three levels. Each level of this game is a refurbished game from Orisinal website games. We created this game using Flash CS4. Our game has a storyline that connects these levels. We have chosen these different games to have different actions in each level. For first level, we have chosen "Arctic Blue", "High Delivery" for second level and "The Bottom Of The Sea" for the last level.

2. Classic Games Overview

In this section we are going to take a look to the original games of the Orisinal website which we want to remake.

In the "Arctic Blue", player must help the ship to jump over the icebergs. When the player click the mouse, the whale expels water from the blowhole then the water hits the bottom of the ship, and helps it to jump over the icebergs. The ship should garb the boxes which are in the air or on the water. By garbing the boxes it can get score and energy. If the ship is run of energy, the game will be over. The ship also should avoid the airplane otherwise it will be blown up.

The role of the "High Delivery" is easy. In this game there is a bottle which is hanging from a small balloon. The player should control the balloon to collecting the flowers which are dropping from sky. The player uses a small fan to control the balloon. When the balloon reaches a specific place, the game will be finished.

In the "Bottom Of The Sea" game the player should control the character to reach the bottom of the sea. The character can jump on the stones one-by-one to reach the bottom. We should set the jumping power of the character to the proper value otherwise he/she cannot reach the stone and the character will lose his/her life.

3. Fury In Love Overview

Story and Game Concept

Fury lives in the Furries land. Our fury has a girlfriend. One day his girlfriend got seek. Doctor Furries lives in mountain. He needs a kind of flower to make medicine for fury's girlfriend. These flowers are dropped from a cloud named Rosy Cloud in top of a big mountain. He must go to the mountain and collect the flowers. But there is a long way to get there. He must go through the arctic, and then fly to the top of mountain by a balloon. After collecting the flowers he must climb down the mountain to come back to the Furries land.

Changes and inventories of the game

Having a storyline is the biggest difference between the Orsinal games and our game. Orsinal games do not have any specific story and some of its games never end. But we have a storyline in our game with three different levels.

In middle of the first level, airplanes fly wavy and it makes this level more challenging.

Also, in second level we have added red flowers instead the pink flowers, with higher score. In this level some stones drop down after shaking screen. If stones hit fury, three of collected flowers will be dropped. If number of collected flowers was less than three, after hitting it becomes zero. Player must be careful about stones which will be dropped after shaking screen.

In third level, when player do the first mouse click, fury becomes ready to jump and then power bar will be appear. The amount of the power changes frequently on the power bar. Player must click at the certain time when power bar shows the amount that player wants fury jump with. It makes this level more challenging.

In addition, we have made a cheating way to skip levels. By pressing " C " key cheating window will appear. Player can go to other levels by typing the keywords in cheating window.

Character of the game

In this game we have a main character which is called Fury. This character has been adopted form an old game named "Fury of the Furries".

The other characters are the "Fury's girlfriend" and the "Doctor Fury". But they are only in the story.

4. Levels

The First Level

The first level which is based on Orsinal "Arctic Blue" is about two minutes and during this time player should do some tasks to complete this level.

The first task is helping the ship of the Fury to jump over the icebergs. The mechanism for doing this task is same as the original game.

Like the original game, the player should avoid the airplanes that appear in the screen. In the contrast of the "Arctic Blue" game, in this game some of the airplanes have a wavy movement which makes the game more challenging. These airplanes will appear when the player passes 50 percent of the game. We can gain score by grabbing the boxes which are in this level. There are also some bombs that are dropping from sky. These bombs can destroy the ship so the player should watch out them.

The Second Level

This level is based on the "High Delivery" game. According to our storyline Fury should climb a big mountain using a balloon and collect some flowers which are dropping from the rosy clouds. The player needs collect a specific numbers of flowers to pass the level. Like the original game, the player can control the direction and speed of the balloon using a fan. Besides the flowers, there are some dangerous stones which hurt the balloon. These stones fallen after each earthquake. Earthquake cause display shakes and alarm player that a stone will fallen.

The Third Level

After collecting the flowers, the third level will be begun. In this level which is based on the "Bottom Of The Sea", Fury must climb down the mountain. The player should set the jumping-power of Fury. The value of jumping power changes frequently. If player does not click the proper value, Fury cannot jump on the correct place (stone) and he will die. There is no any time limitation to pass this level but if Fury loses all of his lives, the game will be over and player should repeat this level again.

After climbing down of the mountain, Fury can back home and give the flowers to the doctor and take medicine to his girlfriend. At this point game is finished.

5. Video:

This is the captured video of the Fury In Love game below:

6. Technical Design

We have used Flash CS4 (Action script 3)to create this game. Each level has its own class. Also we have some classes to manage some objects. For example, we have "soundManagement" class to manage sounds such as music and sound effects.

In programming part, we used lots of algorithms to solve the calculations that take long time to explain all of them. We used some physics in all three levels to make them more naturally. Movement of the ship in level one when it is thrown up and then drops down, is an example of physics that has been used. In second level we simulated air pressure by fan on the balloon and Fury jumping in third level, are also made with physics algorithms.

In graphic part, we have used Photoshop CS4 and Flash CS4. Most of the backgrounds have been drown in Photoshop and saved in .PNG format (cause of transparency). It makes images to be used easily in Flash.

Sounds in this game are from free sound websites such as www.freesound.org. in some cases we made sound effects by our own. For example in third level all sounds of Fury are Alireza's voice, like preparing to jump, jumping and hitting stones after jumping.

What we are most proud of our remake:

We are proud of the coding in this game. We have used OOP in our programming. Also we have made lots of algorithm those were so useful and cause our game better.

The other things that we proud of are graphics and animation in our game. We have drawn all cartoony backgrounds by Photoshop and some background we made in tow layers and moved them in different speed. This method makes perspective in back ground. We have used it in all levels.

One of the most things we are proud of is the story of this game. We made this story by our own and connected these three different level together and this story made our game more interesting.

If we had more time, we would do:

If we had more time, we would make more detail in graphics such as animations, objects and effects. Also we would work on sounds and other features to make the game more interactive and user friendly.

If we had more time, we would to add AI and puzzles to our game and make it more interesting.

User Manual

User can play this game by using mouse. In the first level he can play just by clicking the left mouse button.

In the second level, player can control the balloon and drive it through the whole area of the screen by moving mouse over.

Same as first level user can play by using the left mouse button. By the first click he can make Fury ready to jump and then by the second click Fury will jump.

For calling the cheating window, player must press " 0 " key on the keyboard. After appearing cheating window, player must type cheat keyword to play other levels.

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