1. Overview

Fury In Love 2 was the short assignment of Game Physics subject that in it we have tried to show some concepts of simple game physics such as collision detection, bouncing, gravity, projectile and etc. This is not just a simple physics simulator. Fury In Love 2 is a game containing main properties of game such as graphics, sound and gameplay.

The genre of Fury In Love 2 is platform puzzle game and created in XNA using C# language.


In this version, Fury In Love 2, Fury (the hero) is out side of the castle and wants to reach the castle by using a seesaw and a cannon to jump over the castle balcony.

2. User Manual

User can use a gamepad (Xbox controller) or keyboard to play this game. In the game we provide some menus such as Main Menu, Pause Menu, Controls and Credits.

Main Menu

In Main Menu, player can start New Game or resume the game and access to Controls guide menu, Credits and Exit the game.


Player can play with gamepad or keyboard to navigate the menus and play the game. Game controls guide is provided in Controls menu.

3. Design

All graphics and design have been done by us except the idea of hero that comes from very old game which named "Fry of the Furies".

All design and graphics have been done using Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop.

4. Algorithms

In this game we have implemented projectile motion and simple collision detection. Our collision detections are rectangle to rectangle and point to line.(in part two of assignment -Fury In Love 3- we have different algorithm).

5. Programming part

This game has been implemented using C# in XNA. We have used object oriented method as much as we can to make it more efficient.

6. Video:

This is the captured video of the Fury In Love 2 game below:

7. Screenshots


Main Menu

Level 1

Level 2


Game Over


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